Purveyor of Tall Tales.
Purveyor of Tall Tales.


Not much writing getting done this weekend.


Yesterday I spent most of the day searching London for an Asus EEE that wasn’t white, and I failed. I’ve had several recommendations that this is a great ultra-portable (with the caveat you change the OS) and given it’s by far the cheapest UP on the market I thought I’d give it a whirl. I’ll be silver haired before I can afford a Mac Book Air.

G and I had a great lunch in Dim T, one of my favourite places to eat on Charlotte Street as it doesn’t involve auctioning your kidneys to pay the bill and they serve loose leaf gunpowder tea (my favourite).

For some reason, possibly overexposure to the sun, G and I decided to walk from Oxford Street to King’s Cross where the TTACon was taking place. It was nice having a good long walk through part of London we don’t see very often but we were a tad more than fashionably late.

Still it was a nice way to end the day: in a pub chatting with SF fans, editors and writers over a beverage or two. Jetse was particularly kind, taking the time to chat about submitting stories and dealing with editors. It was also good to meet fellow Friday Flash Fictioneer Paul Raven.

So that was Saturday, by the time I got back I only had the energy to rename a character on The Woodsman before sleep took me. Now it’s back to real life and trips to Ikea.


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