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Ever feel like you’re in a sci-fi novel?

I came across this link on an expected announcement by Craig Venter yesterday:


As he prepares to bring artificially designed life into the world, without any wider philisophical debate as to the ethics or wisdom of such an act other than his own ethial review, I can’t help but thinking that a) We are stuck in a 1950s horror movie and that b) it will all end in tears for Venter.

Given there is a lot of evidence to suggest life is genetically engineered by nature to change and mutate how will they control such mutations when they inevitably go off in strange directions? What if it becomes intelligent? What if it sees us as a threat? What if it creates even more reality television? What if it turns us all into Noel Edmunds?

Who is asking these important and vital questions?

I’ve watched enough of those films to know that the maverick scientist rarely comes out well but if it turns out Venter has a goatee and crazy hair I’m gonna run for the hills.

You don’t want to trust bearded men with mad hair. Oh no.


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