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And another thing…

Just kidding. This post is not a rant but some hopefully helpful tips.

Aside from the fact that January is an experiment (and therefore I’m posting more), I am periodically asked by slightly confused relatives and friends how I have time to blog. It’s a fair question, I do hold down a full time job with a fairly lengthy commute, produce anything from 1-14k of fiction a week, enjoy a small but reasonable social life and manage to even spend time with G. Have I perhaps discovered time travel? Or cloning? Of course not. Here’s how I do it:

1) I carry a notebook and/or smartphone with me most of the time. There’s plenty of opportunity for writing on the train, in lengthy queues and at lunchtime.
2) I keep a loose idea of the kind of posts I want to write in the week ahead.
3) I try to plan interesting things to do because that helps keep the monotony of commuting from grinding me down – I have one next weekend. Blog posts that often result are a bonus.
4) I collect interesting sites in my rss feeds and follow interesting people on Twitter.
5) I write blog posts in advance and schedule them for later in the week. For example, when this goes live I will be embroiled in a meeting with one of my colleagues from overseas but I am actually writing it whilst listening to University Challenge (I know I’m wild).

And that’s your lot for now. However, should you be in the mood for advice of a blogging/web copy nature then you should check out a proper expert rather than some gobby Taff. Futurismic’s guest blogger this week is GLP and his week long series walks you through a tried and tested model for generating effective copy. The first and second installments are here and here. The man knows his stuff.

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