Mega Monday


Today we shopped. Well no not really, today we looked at shops. Many, many shops. My feet have stopped speaking to me, a good thing, as they would probably just say “Ow” very loudly. Basically Hong Kong can, in many respects, be thought of as a giant shopping mall, an island paradise to the worshipers of plastic, and a designer disciple’s delight. Ok I’ll stop now.

We took the MTR into East Kowloon where Hong Kong’s newest super mall had opened called Mega Box, a great big red…well box. A 16-storey complex with just about every store imaginable, an ice rink, a cinema and enough food outlets to keep the US Army supplied globally. It was a bizarre mix of east and west, fusion is not just a cuisine here but a state of mind.

For me the real highlight was the bookstore – what can I say I’m an addict and I admit it. Everything here is sized according to the average stature of the indigenous population, for G and I – who usually feel like hobbits where ever we are in the world – this is great: everything is sized perfectly. Even the books. That’s right the books are smaller, not much but enough that you’d notice.

The MTR was a lesson in cost effective efficiency. A return came to a pound, the train clean, air conditioned and spacious. London you suck at transport. Hong Kong you rule.

Right now I’m going to dive back into NaNoWriMo before I completely conk out, tomorrow I go to see a large Buddha sitting on a hillside. Although to be frank if G really wants to see a fat man sat on a hill I can just walk half way up the nearest mountain and she can take a picture.

Until tomorrow – Byeeeee!

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