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Basking in the warmth

I realise I promised not to talk about the house anymore but I have finally got heating!

Yes if my life gets anymore exciting I may pass out.

– It’s taken eight days (it’s meant to take five tops).
– We’ve gone through two boilers, two fans and two gas meters
– We’ve had a gas leak
– We’ve had cracked drains (they’re still cracked in fact but being fixed in a week)

Anyhow, today they finished and just in time as we’ve been lashed by icey winds since we got back yesterday – the hill on which my house is located is a bit of wind trap. But I’m toasty warm.

On the subject of things not going to plan and possibly the weakest segue in existence…

It’s only twenty-four hours until the Susanna Clarke event tomorrow, I’ve not had much luck getting hold of anyone at Bloomsbury to obtain permission to live blog so the plan is as follows:

– Assuming there are no notices around recording the event, copyright notices etc, I will liveblog – handset permitting – the Q and A but NOT any readings (The Ladies of Grace Adieu: And Other Stories is my favourite collection this year and I humbly suggest you all buy it)
– If there are copyright notices I will post my thoughts on the evening when I get back to the house.

Of course it’s highly likely my thoughts will consist of oh-my-god-it’s-susanna-clarke-and-neil-gaiman followed by don’t-do-anything-stupid, don’t-do-anything-stupid.

But there we go.

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