Days like these…

There are some days when you just wish you’d never got up:

I poured coffee all down myself on the way in, standing all the way on the train.

The plumber has discovered our drains are leaking into the soil and brick work at the rear of the house, this may have been happening for a while. That’s the second claim in under a month.

The boiler installation has been delayed due to the boiler having a fault and so holding up some of the work.

I spent an hour and a half stuck on a train trying to get back to sort out afore mentioned drain problem.

A story I had high hopes for was rejected, form rejection in spite of enthusiastic test readings. Still no word from the other two markets I have stories in.

Sigh I think I’ll become a hermit, maybe go live in a cave. I’ve got the hair for it and surely there’s a book in it somewhere.

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