For some reason last week feels like an age away, rather like looking down the wrong end of a telescope. I seem to have been flitting around all over the place, trekking around with the 2nd draft of “Priest” all the while, somehow I managed to fit in a ride on Wednesday. Alas one trip a lean person does not make, I remain as fit as a pot of golden syrup.

I’ve nearly finished scrawling over the 2nd draft of “Priest” so I’m hopeful I’ll start typing up the changes and developing it into something that can make its way out into the world. I’m hoping for a mid-October finish – ideally I’d like to move onto a new project by the time I go to Hong Kong.

Lots happening this month, I much prefer being busy, the plasterer’s arrival is imminent to remove the kitchen ceiling in preparation for the plumber tomorrow. He (the plumber) is here all week putting in a boiler and radiators – I’m far too excited about the prospect of central heating: it’s the little things.

Then it’s off to Wales for the weekend and to see my brother R’s new house. On the 25th I will finally get to meet Neil Gaiman and of course the talented Susanna Clarke. Well I say meet, I really mean sit in the audience whilst they’re charming and interesting at us. It nearly makes up for the discovery that I was once again within 500 yards of Mr Gaiman and completely unaware, he was interviewed in Soho square earlier this week. One of my regular haunts as my office is very, very close to there.

From there we’re off to somewhere vague in the Midlands for G’s friend’s wedding and then I think I shall have a rest.

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