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So I’ve been trawling the web for something interesting to say, something other than the obvious gloating that I’m-going-to-see-Neil-Gaiman-tomorrow-and- wouldn’t-it-be-a-giggle-if-I-went-in-my-casual-gear (he’s not the only Neil with a penchant for black and an aversion to brushing his hair).

First I went over to Joey Moggie for inspiration but alas my digital friend has been strangely quiet of late, come back soon Joey, then I went to Mister Peace who has been taking some R and R, from thence I went to…well I talked about him already so lets move on. Next stop was Mr Fry and one of the most interesting takes on fame I’ve read in a long old while along with a valuable lesson on how to take a compliment.

Joe (Hill) has been quiet and Abbi has been mainly eating ribs whilst GLP has been busy getting another story published: a darker tale but cool none the less. In the end I succumbed to the fate that awaits all bloggers at some point and went skimming the celeb pages where I learned many things.

– I learnt that Kiefer Sutherland likes to drive whilst tanked and has managed to get caught yet again but this time he’s likely to go to jail for it. At least he didn’t have his trousers round his ankles this time.
– I learnt Katie Price was outselling Ian McEwan, you go girl – just don’t make me read it.
– I learnt that Kelly Brook is on the latest series of come dancing and so we can expect grown men to suddenly take an abiding interest in the telly every Saturday night. (What channel’s it on again? *coughs shiftily*)

So, feeling slightly soiled, to The Guardian I did trot for perusal of culture, lefty opinion and other high brow stuff. All I got was a load of moaning about tax and fuel.

I must confess tax is dull unless it’s being cut, it’s not, and the whole approach to the green issues is a bit confusing in the sense that there only seems to be two options on the table: Ignore It and Hope It Goes Away or Stop Using All Our Technology. This dooms the debate to failure as even a child can come up with a third option that consists of investigating and promoting viable alternatives.

Curiously all those oil, gas, nuclear and ever dwindling coal companies seem to have other ideas. I can’t imagine what they’re thinking.

By which point it all felt a bit serious so I went over to The Onion where I laughed until I wept.

Tomorrow I will post Interesting Things About My Evening. Fire alarms not withstanding.

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