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Absolutely knackered.

I got back from Wales about half an hour ago and have just fired up the computer to reply to a few messages that I saw come in via my mobile but didn’t have time to reply to. If you haven’t heard back from me I should get to things by tomorrow evening, if you haven’t heard anything by Wednesday please resend.

I was in Wales, and the Rhondda more specifically, for M and L’s wedding. It was a lovely fun day that I was glad to help G (who was doing their photos) with and it was nice to chat with A, even if I did make many bad jokes. It was a bit non-stop with G driving back on Thursday to help the wedding crew set up on Friday, whilst I took the somewhat foolish idea of doing¬† a half day on Friday before catching the train. Friday night we caught up with my brother, his partner and my niece before having dinner with G’s mum. Saturday was also, as expected, pretty frantic.

And so an event I had intended to mark both in meatspace and here kind of slipped by. Halloween marked twelve years since G and I hooked up – yes: we were both in school at the time; yes: G wears the time rather better than I do :). We didn’t really get the chance to do much Friday but will be taking some time out next weekend to celebrate and for me to present G with a long service medal.

Writing wise it’s been a bit quiet, only the odd tinkering on Forever where it could be squeezed in and last week’s flash (squeezed in on the train).¬† I’m hoping to crack on this week with Forever over the course of this week as well as crack on with some admin around stories that need to go out again.

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