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I’m a bit out of gas this week.

Fellow Twitterers and people with insomnia will know I was truly suckered into the whole US election media madness but – despite my own misgivings – it was tremendous fun. I was sat on my sofa following on the TV, twittering with friends in at least four locations across the UK, emailing a fellow blogger in the US and FB’ing an old friend of mine. All while the US elected their first black president to the White House. Not that long ago all of that would have been SF.

Of course, in the perfectly understandable scream of relief that followed the election, no one seemed to really notice that Proposition 8 was passed rendering a bunch of US citizens’ marriages illegal and creating a new sub-class of US citizen. Yes, the US made a step forward but it still has a way to go. As, I learn from the Guardian, do we.

Last weekend’s travels wiped me out a little and then an impromptu evening out with some former colleagues finished me off. I spent yesterday wandering through the office in a kind of daze and pretty much slept for around twelve hours straight. Feeling a lot better now, I am spending the afternoon working out where I’ve got to with the second draft on Forever and idly doodling ideas on how to use my digital skills better. Tonight I’m off to see Quantum of Solace and, if it’s anything like Casino Royale, I’m in for a treat. You can expect a review later on or certainly by tomorrow morning.

Anyway, this was meant to be a quick post to explain the lack of a Friday Flash Fiction piece yesterday. I was – as I mentioned – a wee bit tired and inspiration did not strike until early evening but it does mean there will be an entry next Friday. In other news: I’ll be tweaking the blog a bit as I bring some more of my content together, making it easier for people to find some of my other stuff. Let me know if anything important breaks.

Now I’m going to drink some more tea and scribble some more notes.

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