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The weekend has nearly gone again. They seem to fly by these days.

I’ve spent most of this one working on sorting out my bookshelves – I know: so rock and roll – as I could not longer find stuff I was certain I owned and, indeed, removing books from the shelf involved high risk of concussion. Anyway, they’re all back in order now and you do not need an advanced engineering degree to remove them without killing yourself. Also I found some books that I forgot I owned, I’m reading one of them now.

I had also intended to go to see The Wrestler this weekend and had I done so this post would have been a review. If the story of how I missed it was funny I’d relate it here but alas it was as mundane as it was irritating and so I’m left a little short of content today with a week still to go on my Blog-a-day-for-a-month experiment.

Speaking of which I think the experiment is going well. The traffic here has been up consistently through January bucking last year’s trend where traffic fell in the first few weeks of the year; although this weekend does seem to have produced something of an inexplicable ding and I’m uncertain how feasible it will be to carry on at this pace in February. Instead, and as more of a productivity hack for my fiction, I’m considering giving up telly for the whole of Feb.

This week promises to be pretty full on and I’m looking forward to getting back to the right side of the river next weekend.

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