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Monday Madness

Today had the potential to go very wrong. My day started with a rejection – bear in mind I write within five minutes of getting out of bed and inevitably check my email in that five minutes, the point being it was quite literally one of the first things I saw. Still, I took it and still managed to get in some words before breakfast.

I knew we were in trouble when streams of people started passing us heading in the opposite direction to the station. Abbey Wood is hardly a bastion of commercial activity and so this could mean only one thing: line closure. Now I assumed, because that’s how it usually works, that the trains would be out for around fifteen minutes then resume. NOT SO. Instead I had to hightail it over to Bexleyheath in the rain to catch the train.

Yet it didn’t bother me. Nope. Picture of calm. After last week’s rage fest I felt a little smug. Whether it continues…well you may not want to place any bets.

Anyway, enough wittering. There hasn’t been much bloggage because I’ve been tied up working on The Woodsman. I’m now on the penultimate chapter and trying hard to flesh out the ending without killing the story. I’m enjoying it but really keen to move onto new stuff. I have a line edit to do once I’ve finished the rewrite.

I should have more content soon. Stick with me.

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