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M.O.T Monday

Another year, another M.O.T. After last time you’d think I’d be organised, find a reliable garage that would sort out my service without having to auction my kidneys. Alas, you’d be wrong.

What actually happened was that I managed, somehow, to be less organised than last year, phoning through my booking to Kwik Fit two days before the damn thing ran out. Why Kwik Fit? Well, I used them in the past, thought they were good, heard they were good and refused to use Ford after last year. Having confirmed with the bloke on the phone that they would definitely be able to do both the service and the MOT on the Saturday I felt reasonably confident I’d done job.

Oh how wrong can one man be?

Very, it turns out. First up I managed to get lost in Erith – just two miles from my house. Next on getting G to phone the garage we discovered that the chap who had helpfully taken the call had neglected to tell the manager or write it down. No booking, no MOT and around forty-eight hours until the certificate ran out.

I had a moment.

Next up G, ever calm under fire, has to phone around half of London to get an appointment in a suitable time frame. The good news is she finds one, the bad news is it’s Ford and it’s in North Essex. Remember: I got lost two miles from my house. North Essex is NOT two miles from my house. This was not going to end well.

And that’s how I found myself at 10AM this morning driving through Essex in the sunshine. Seriously, it could have been a disaster but it wasn’t, I managed to get there, drop the car off, wander round the town centre, amusing myself for several hours and wander back without so much of an incident.

I even managed to dodge getting landed with a massive bill.

Of course there is the minor detail, a tiny thing really, that being: you could currently fry an egg on my forehead. You see I was to busy wandering around enjoying the sun to remember that I didn’t have sun cream on, that I had left my hat in the house and too dumb to notice that I was starting to resemble a baked potato. Judging by the headache I’ve got I really over did it.

So that was Monday. All in all quite good. After all I’ll be saving money on gas tonight, for tonight Matthew I am the human grill.


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