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Quick one…again

I have not fallen off the world but I am still rather inexplicably busy.

Currently I am fighting to get back on track with what I hope will be the final polish to The Scarred God and placing me in the position of having something to sell come the autumn con season. Hope springs eternal. After that I plan to do some short stories before having one last crack at Forever but come what may, in November I start a new project and it’s a pretty ambitious one.

On the reading front I have been catching up on some fiction but will be retreating into research for the next novel length project from around the middle of next week. I need to do this now in order to allow for it to compost down in time for the autumn. Also, because of the nature of the project, I have quite a lot to get through before the Autumn.

The kitchen is proceeding with the final touches at a slower rate now as work, life and writing have to be fitted back in again. Still we have the upstands cut to size now and just need to get the final lick of paint on before fixing them into place. We are nearly there.

And there’s a nasty rumour I only have around a month left in my twenties. I wouldn’t believe it myself.


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