Just a quick one.

Apologies for not being around much, I have been pretty much trying to get my eye better and so have had nothing of any interest to report. I go back to work tomorrow increasing the chances that interesting things will happen or at least amusing things.

Other than that I’ve been working on Forever and trying to get back on top of my reading which is now somewhat behind where I wanted to be. Forever is going OK – I am currently working on Chapter Six and finishing introducing most of the characters. I had a bit of a crisis of confidence while ill and was convinced that my second draft was a bust but a reread of the first 22k has enabled me to press on. It’s definitely tougher going than The Scarred God but I’m hoping the results will be better.

And I haven’t been doing much else. We have visitors coming down next weekend, my sister leaves for Australia on Friday and there’s a BSFA do on Wednesday that I may shuffle along for, eye permitting. I hope to return to my plans for making the blog more interesting and reanimating bookrater.co.uk soon.

What have you been up to?