A property developer I am not. Today we’ve been working on the back bedroom – G wallpapering, me clearing and doing the heavy lifting. Frankly amazed at the job G is doing, decidedly underwhelmed by my own. So it goes. I’m hoping we’ll have that room finished by the middle of August.

That’s enough DIY. Some tabs:


If I could direct your attention to the latest issue of Murky Depths. My friend Zarina has illustrated Ross Kimble’s Digitally Damned, both image and text are very, very good. You should check it out.


Also – and I’m a bit late in pointing this out – you have a few hours left to check out Justina Robson‘s recent broadcast on Dr Who – Let’s do the Timewarp again*.


This week work kind of got in the way of the writing.** These days it’s quite rare this happens and so I mustn’t grumble. I managed to line edit around 8k of The Woodsman (and very nearly have a new title!), wrote my flash for yesterday and today I managed to put something together for next Friday this morning.

Not much else though.

Reading wise I’m sunning it in Brasyl and exploring Murky Depths.

That’s all for now. Byeeeeee.

* There’s a bit of the Dr Who prom on the beginning, stick with it for a few minutes and then it gets going
** Due to shifting my writing to the beginning of the day.