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The problem of language

I am constantly amazed how one can have a meeting with a collection of very bright, articulate, people and still have everyone talk at cross purposes. It’s bizarre. Yet periodically it seems to happen. Meetings overrun, you spend hours talking before realising you’re all agreeing with each other. Loudly.

It’s exhausting.

I love words, I love language and I have a serious book problem (I bought my house because my book collection got too big for a flat). It’s one of the reasons I write and it’s one of the main reasons I like writers such as Stephen Fry, Anthony Burgess and Bill Bryson. I’m quite shy around people I don’t know but around people I do you can’t shut me up. I like to think I’m pretty articulate.

On days like today the bubble bursts and I realise I’m mumbling into the dark like everyone else.

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