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The Woodsman: Update 5

Well, I just got done with the full rewrite of Chapter three. It’ll need to gestate for a few days before I go back and make sure I haven’t made a hash of it but it’s more or less done. And I think it may turn out to be chapters 3 and 4. We’ll see.

Progress slowed to the point of collapse early last week but I’ve managed to get things going again by completely shifting my day around. After years of trying to write last thing at night and seldom having the energy I have now begun getting up far earlier. It’s producing the desired results as, mainly due to the absence of distractions, I’m getting something done every day.

As a bonus I also seem to be getting more done in general. Cool.

Other than work and writing. Not been up too much. Although I’m hoping to have some news to share in the not too distant future. Yesterday was spent with friends: food, wine and chat. A very pleasant way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon. Oh and I got another rejection, hey ho.

I’ve also discovered the full joy and pain of ebooks. Having downloaded Old Man’s War by John Scalzi (I’ll probably review it in the next twenty-four hours), subsequently became hooked on his tale of genetically engineered geriatrics, aliens and bloody action I was pleasantly surprised at how readable the text was on my pda.

Then the batteries ran out.

Anyway, my batteries are going to run out if I don’t grab some chow before work. Later.

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