Tonight I kicked off the weekend in style for once and did Actual Stuff. Stuff was of course the Amanda Palmer gig I have been mentioning on and off for a few weeks. I was quite excited because I really like The Dresden Dolls, I haven’t been to a gig in ages and G was coming with me and we haven’t done anything datey in…well too long.

When I bought the tickets I did have a passing thought as to whether a certain crazy haired individual might make an appearance but dismissed it as my being silly, as we all know I am from time to time. As we passed the entrance to the Koko and I said, “I’m sure I just saw Neil go in” G rolled her eyes and I conceded I was being silly.

Thing is: I was right.

Once we were inside and settled with drinks it became very apparent – because we seemed to be standing next to someone he knew – that he was indeed in the VIP area. Later there was a reading – of the story from the record (Who killed Amanda Palmer?) and somewhat bizarrely (but very fun) a brief stint on the tambourine. And somehow he beat me to blogging about it despite my attempting to use my phone.

I think he has some kind of elf living in his hair with a 3.5G connection taking transcription.

I may have been drinking.

Anyway, it was a fantastic show and Amanda Palmer was amazing – particularly given she did the whole show with a broken foot. I also – and somewhat unusually enjoyed both support acts (Jason Webley and Zoe Keating) and the Danger Ensemble were brilliant. G smiled all the way home in spite of being really quite poorly.

There was a tiny bit of debate as to whether I’d gone all fanboy again. I may have inadvertently, before I realised I was doing it, gestured in Neil’s direction, merely so G could see I wasn’t going mad you understand. And I may, possibly, have tried to wave discreetly at one point, but there was a fly as well…honest. My only solace is I think I was safely unseen.

Sigh. One day I will learn to be cool. And maybe I’ll get a chance to say thanks.

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