Cat. Bag. Wide Open Space.

Over on my wife’s corner of the internet she has revealed that her next project is a short comic. The comic is an adaption of a flash fiction piece I wrote a scary amount of time ago now and that I have since adapted into a comic script. The story […]

I just feel like running.

Tomorrow I am running in the Barry Island 10k. This is the second 10K of the year after my dismal (but enjoyable) Cardiff Bay 10k in April where my feet were held together with tape and I was out of shape. My aim is to beat that time (1hr 18m) […]


Oubliette: A Tale of Draco The Dragon By Neil Beynon For Ziggy on his fifth birthday. We, a pair of apes, are sitting on a shell of rock, heated by molten metal, spinning round a flaming ball of gas, being flung through the universe at four hundred and ninety thousand […]


Bridgend, South Wales 23rd April 2018 Dear Ziggy, You should be five today. We should be putting balloons on the doors, making a cake and inviting your friends round for a party and bemoaning the fact your birthday is on a Monday this year. I should be telling your brother […]

Obligatory end of year round up: 2017

2017 is sliding towards 2018 with gathering speed. Parenthood doesn’t leave a huge amount of time for reflection but I’ve managed to carve out some time to note some things that went well and some that didn’t. Things I did: I became a Dad for the third time and we […]

Merry Christmas

I wasn’t really surprised to realise I had broken what was a blog tradition after 2013 and not posted my customary link to one of the best Christmas songs for the years that followed. Now it is 2017 and the year is drawing to a close; this year is my […]

The Canyon

The Canyon: A Tale of Draco the Dragon By Neil Beynon For Ziggy on his 4th birthday. There are places where the space between the worlds grows thin, like parchment stretched too far. If you have ever walked across an empty beach and watched the waves break; if you’ve every […]


Bridgend, South Wales 23rd April 2017 Dear Ziggy, Today, you should be turning four – happy birthday, cariad. We wish you were here to spend it with us. We miss you. It’s a year since we last spoke. We are still in the house we bought a few weeks before […]

Sunset in Cornwall

The Attic

Someone, I think it was Stephen King, once said their muse was a basement guy. Mine’s different, as it should be, preferring the high, quiet, places. The idea lodged in my head years ago, proving a handy analogue for when, for whatever reason, I have *had* to close or *had* […]