Friday Flash Fiction: Shadow

Gareth L. Powell, a science fiction writer and fellow blogger, has started a trend. Every Friday he posts one of his Flash Fiction stories on his site, for free. It’s only the second week and he’s already been joined by fellow writers/bloggers Paul Raven, who has story called ‘Downtime’ on […]

Lesson Learned

It is wise, I have learned, not to seek advice unless you are prepared to listen to the answer. In Stephen King’s excellent biog/writer’s manual “On Writing” he advocates the writing of first drafts with the door closed. In essence at this stage you are, as the writer, telling yourself […]

It was all over in less than a minute…

Well today was Tour De France Day, I clawed my way out of bed after last night’s excitement with a thumping headache. It was (and is) a glorious day in Abbey Wood, there was a great atmosphere as I sloped up the road to get my place. Abbey Wood, whilst […]

Be careful what you wish for…

It seems that my earlier post on the lack of excitement in Abbey Wood was somewhat inaccurate. Around half an hour ago a car, travelling at speed, wiped out turning into the corner of my street taking out four cars one of which is now residing in one of my […]

Tour de France

 Since I moved to suburbia it’s safe to say there has been a clear drop off in location related excitement.  Whilst it is a big relief not to have shootings on my street and terrorist raids on the local estate I do miss the occasional festivities in Victoria Park. So it’s no […]

A spot of time travel before bed…

I have, for the last few months, been moving my remaining stuff (known hereafter as shit) from my parent’s house having finally purchased my own pad. Anyway I finally started to sort through some of it and came across the Box. Every writer be they professional, amateur or aspiring has […]

We shall go on…

We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in Haymarket, we shall fight on the tube and the airports, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the Charing Cross Road, we shall defend our rights, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the […]

High Drama

So we have a new Prime Minister. Arguably we have the same Prime Minister as we’ve had for the last month only now he’s called the Prime Minister as well as “that smug sanctimonious Scottish bastard what robbed our pensions…” How did our media choose to cover this occasion? One […]

The illusion of chin…

So I shaved at long last. In between finishing the 2nd draft of Priest I got bored of it. Somehow I’d deluded myself that there might be something lurking under it that I actually wanted to look at but oh no – there has been no miracle of genetics: I still look […]