Purveyor of Tall Tales.
Purveyor of Tall Tales.

A quick update and then bed

I’ve not really done much save work (rather harder than I wanted to at the moment) and work on The Woodsman.

The latter has been fun as it’s going rather better than has done in a while, I’d pretty much ground to a halt around hitting the point where the second draft encounters the first of it’s major flaws but as fortune would have it this happened around the time of Eastercon. A number of interesting panels and some-pretty-good-advice-on-where-to-direct-my-research later and I’m flying again.

Of course it’s got very dark as expected. The decapitation scene I just wrote may need toning down.

Anyway, other than that not been up to much. Oh and I’ve started to think about my trip to New Zealand to see long time friend C and hubby M (her hubby not mine, that would just be weird). That’s only a mere five weeks away now.

Bed now though.

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