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Time machine needed

So I’ve been working hard on the redraft of The Woodsman and managed to tidy up a major character’s exit without too many headaches.

However, it’s the 11th June today and my self imposed deadline of the 15th looks increasingly unrealistic. The structural changes were, on delving into the manuscript, far more substantial than I thought and I’m now basically rewriting the remaining four chapters from scratch. This means that I will need to do a final copy edit before the thing can go to my test readers.

Even if I did a copy edit on the back of finishing the rewrite (NOT a good idea) the manuscript is too long (probably going to wind up at around 85-90k) to do that in the time left. But bugger it, I’m too far along to quit now.

Trust me I’ll make some noise when it’s done.

In other news: I thought it was worth explaining why book reviews have all but disappeared of this site. Any new content that is, the old ones can still be found if you look for them.

The reason for this is not because I’ve gone mad and given up reading but because I am working on a new site project that will involve this type of content. I have the domain, the cms, the analytics and the hosting. I’m just working on the look and feel. As ever time is at a premium slowing things down to an annoying crawl.

Again, once it is in a workable state I will post about it here. What I can say is that like my reading it won’t be genre specific; anything will be fair game.

That’s it for now. I may post about the age banding proposal from publishers (about which I can and do rant at length) if I have…you’ve guessed it…time.

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