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Urban contemporary

I’ve been making steady progress on the current work-in-progress.

I’m averaging around 5-7k a week at the moment which is forward motion, even if it’s not at the rate I would like and I’m starting to feel like a proper book is coalescing. I’ve been cagey about talking about the story until I have a coherent draft because – until that stage – it’s all to theoretical and past experience has taught me that I lose the desire to tell the story. Instead, I’ve been giving vague descriptions of an urban fantasy told across four centuries and set (mainly) in London.

The problem is that urban fantasy seems to be ever more synonymous with what I would probably call dark romance and that is categorically not this project. Indeed, much to my surprise, the book seems to be twisting and wriggling away from what I originally envisaged and so it’s more accurately described as a contemporary and historical fantasy mash up with slipstream highlights.

That’s cleared that up then.

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