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Well, been a bit quiet around here hasn’t it?

Sorry about that. As mentioned last week I’ve spent the weekend in Weymouth working on The Woodsman. G was there for a photography course in preparation for a wedding she’s shooting later in the year and I tagged along in the hope that being sans internet, sans London, would enable progress.

I’m pleased to report it did and progress has now increased back up to it’s former pace. Last time I left them Anya and Akyar had just been dropped – quite literally – in it. And you have no idea what I’m talking about and so lets move on…

The trip also enabled me to start building up content for the website when I’m away in New Zealand and so there will be something here even if I don’t have internet in the hotel. I am of course hoping for internet as part of the fun of having a blog is posting about one’s travels:

Weymouth itself was nice. Pretty much your standard English seaside town. It has a fantastic beach that runs right round the bay and a front that is lined with Georgian guest houses giving the town a pleasing sense of history. There are a couple of interesting memorials including one to Anzac troops who fought at Gallipoli and convalesced at Weymouth.

The weather was pretty awful on Saturday but I still ventured out as I’m quite partial to walking along the coast. I was glad I did so as it gave me a chance to see some of the most incredible sport – parasurfing – and some of the coolest stunts I’ve witnessed in ages. Parasurfing is basically where you attach a parasail or kite to a surf board and use the wind to surf along, it’s faster and more agile than wind surfing allowing awesome jumps. That’s one I wouldn’t mind giving a go. In warmer weather.

On Sunday the weather was much improved and I found myself enjoying the local chips on the beach in the sun and then it was back to the smoke for work – where I am now.

I also did a fair bit of reading and so you can expect some reviews to parachute in here over the next few days. For now I’m going to imbibe my own body weight in coffee.

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