One of those brief writing updates, banged out while I actually have time for lunch.

I’ve been writing, consistently, which is nice. I’m pleased to report the as yet unrevealed novel-in-progress passed into the five figure word count over the course of the weekend and I have successfully got the protagonists out of the plot cul-de-sac I had manouvred them into. This story features a split narrative thread which is a fancy way of saying it’s two stories intertwined and so I’m swapping laying out one narrative and then going back to fill in the blanks. I tried writing the whole thing sequentially and I think that’s what got me into bother hence the new approach. I’m going to put a wordcount widget up once I find one I like, or have time to code one.

Reading some M. John Harrison at the moment. I’m reading The Course of The Heart at the moment, loving his prose style and the subtle weirdness of his storytelling but I suspect I will need a happy book after this. I’m currently planning my next reading binge (when I go on holiday in September) and trying to decide whether to take the e-book plunge or not. That’s all for now.