Those of you who subscribe to my newsletter will know I am a fan of Mark Stay’s epic fantasy The End of Magic. For those that aren’t subscribing, here’s what I said:

Shout out to Mark Stay/What I have been reading – Mark is one half of the Bestseller Experiment, the podcast that helped me get my fiction back out there after the tough few years I had post-2013. He’s also a fantastic writer who has a rather wonderful epic fantasy, The End of Magic, that was released earlier this year. As the podcast name suggests, Mark likes a good experiment and his current challenge is to try to sell 1000 copies of The End of Magic before Christmas 2019 in the US**. I loved The End of Magic. The book is a smart tale about how people react when their world changes overnight and will particularly appeal to fans of Jen Williams, Robin Hobb, Trudi Cavanan and Terry Pratchett.

During Mark’s challenge period, you can pick up the eBook for just $0.99! You know what to do.


This kind of shout out is a regular feature of the newsletter. I have read all the recommendations and receive no payment.