Stars in dust

I saw them once – the dragon and the witch. They were out on the moors when the star fell from the sky. I was smaller then. Or perhaps the world was larger? While the others were asleep, I wandered through the ashes and the dust. I saw the flash […]



Missed By Neil Beynon They stood upon the rooftop, looking down below. “What are they so frightened of?” asked the one in the crushed velvet, purple three piece and brass watch chain. “The laughter,” replied the one in black leather and diamond nose stud. “And the words. And the pictures.” […]

And the wheel turns…

2015 has started to wrap its arms around the world. It’s already New Year where one of my sisters lives and the obligatory end of year posts have started to arc up into the virtual ether. Looking back at what I said this time last year, aside from being very […]

Button with his dad.


For Ziggy on his birthday. Storm By Neil Beynon There is a place so far away that if you travelled to the coldest edges of our universe, where up is no longer up and down is no longer down, you could not reach it and yet, if you walk along […]


Dear Ziggy, Happy birthday. I’m so sorry we can’t be together today and I can’t quite believe it has been a year since I held you. Sometimes, it feels like it was only a moment ago and if I step through the nearest door I will be back in that […]

Beach photo Ziggy temporary memorial


Today I submitted a short story. It probably won’t get accepted, these things generally don’t first time, but that wasn’t really the point. As 2013 draws to a close, it was one of the ways I have of flipping this awful, dreadful, f***ing furnace of a year the bird. Unable […]

Christmas 2013

This is not the Christmas I wished for. Wishes are rubbish like that. They are ephemeral, flighty, tricksters that hover around the back of your head, flying into view as you sit stuck in traffic or on the train, they’re bit like their cousin, the idea, in that way. Sometimes, […]



Today, a modest 60s SF show is 50. It’s also seven months since my son was born. Doctor Who is still running. My son is dead. I am a lifelong fan of Who. Along with Star Wars, C S Lewis, Tolkien, Dahl, Blyton and Trek. It is a firm vibrant […]

Sunset in Cornwall

The Run

I did it again. Sorry. This is an attempt at a form from my native Wales called Englyn penfyr, one of the eight forms of the Englyn.* Here it is [This version actually breaks a rule, though I still like it, a corrected form follows in the second half of […]