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Neil Beynon

Neil has been writing since he could hold a pen, publishing for over ten years and still has most of his own hair. He is the author of many short stories, some of which are gathered in his collection After The Rain and some of which are available as individual eBooks. He has been previously published in a number of small press outlets. Neil has lived all over the place including London, Bradford and Somalia, but is now settled in his native South Wales, where he spends his time running after small children (his own), and endlessly toying with the idea of retiring to a fishing boat. The Scarred God and The Alaunt, the first two installments of his debut fantasy series, The Shaanti, are both out NOW from Hanesyn Press.

Other Books

The Scarred God

Her best friend dead. Her lands invaded. Her people set to be sacrificed. All Anya has to do is step out of her legendary grandmother’s shadow. But how do you kill a god? Book 1 of The Shaanti.

Paint: A Short Story

When Joan’s art career suddenly takes off, Liz’s life falls apart. As the strangeness of Joan’s paintings captivate the world, success takes an unusual toll on Joan and Liz begins to wonder why. But time is running out. How far will Liz go to find out the truth? And what will Joan do if she does?

Book Cover for Neil's short story Stone

Stone: A Short Story

Gary’s dead. Michael has a secret. James wants to know what really happened in that cemetery all those years ago?

After The Rain (collection)

A woman revisits a once magical tree from her childhood…Follow the ill-fated crew of the mine as they learn what lies under the desert…Something is arriving over Lesnes Woods…A pixie is enjoying an unsavoury meal at someone else’s expense…things are all back to front at the crunch…life spins on the wheel…

★★★★★ Game of Thrones meets Tolkien with a bit of the Assassin’s Apprentice thrown in.

– Amazon customer review on The Scarred God.

★★★★★…reminiscent of Dahl or Bradbury…

– Amazon customer on Paint.

★★★★★ Neil blends myth, magic and Gods together in a refreshing way.

– Amazon Customer on The Scarred God.

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