Neil is a published writer whose stories have appeared in several venues over the last few years. This section provides information on all Neil’s published work including links to free sample pieces from Flash up to short story length. It also includes a brief section on his longer, novel length, projects.

Published Works

– Stone (2010) – Murky Depths Issue 14
– The Room (2010) – Tales from the Moonlit Path
Crunch (2009) – Ballista (2009) – Buy (specify issue 7)
The Mine (2008) Jupiter SF
– Various stories (2008) Illuminations: The Friday Flash Fiction anthologyBuy
– The House (2007) Aphelion Webzine

Friday Flash Fiction

This was an Internet Meme that Neil participated in from July 2007 through to May 2009, participants posted a piece of flash fiction (stories no longer than 1000 words) on their blogs, on a Friday. During that time Neil produced some 80 odd flash stories, some good, some OK, some he feels he should probably take down. The following are links to some of his favourites:

Clich̩ Р(3/8/2007)
Life is a wheel – (4/9/2007)
When I was Bad – (28/9/2007)
After the Rain – (08/02/2008)
Tinman – (15/02/2008) NB: hyperlink story
Faraway – (04/04/2008)
Pixies – (11/04/2008)
Descent – (27/06/2008)
Duckling – (09/01/2009)