Monthly Archives: November 2007

Off again.

There hasn’t been much in the way of bloggage over the last week as the bathroom kind of took over. Constant readers will recall that we had some fairly major house issues over the last few months and last weekend was Fix The Bathroom Weekend, it rapidly turned into Fix The Bathroom Week. It is […]

Friday Flash Fiction: Elevator 4

As has become painfully clear to constant readers of this blog, and as exemplified by the woeful lack of a “Columbo Villian of the Week” on Wednesday, life has gotten on top of me. And so this week I find myself – for the first time since I started – running a little dry on […]

Mega Monday 4

Today we shopped. Well no not really, today we looked at shops. Many, many shops. My feet have stopped speaking to me, a good thing, as they would probably just say “Ow” very loudly. Basically Hong Kong can, in many respects, be thought of as a giant shopping mall, an island paradise to the worshipers […]

Fusion Sunday

We’ve moved hotels now. For the first few days we were in a hotel in Kowloon but now we’re on Tsing Ye Island on the Gold Coast, it’s quieter but more tourist in nature. The hotel overlooks the sea and a pair of golden dolphins – the fine art of chav not having overlooked the […]