FantasyCon 2016 Report


Photo courtesy of Ian Whates

Last weekend, I attended Fantasycon in Scarborough.

It was my second convention without G, as we didn’t think the lengthy drive would be good for Button, and it felt as strange as it did at Eastercon earlier in the year. It’s something I think we’ll need to consider going forward.

It was a great convention with some really interesting guests. Highlights for me were the Joe Hill and Frances Hardinge interviews because they are both really interesting writers I admire. Long time readers of my blog know I am a bit of a fan boy for Joe’s work but I was particularly impressed by the openness with which he talked about his mental health struggles. It gave me some food for thought*.

This event also marked my own return to participation. Although I have attended conventions sporadically since 2013 when we lost our son, I have not felt able to participate, but I finally jumped back in and read from the opening sections of my short story “Stone”. It was only a small gathering – we were up against the BFS AGM and some big name panels – but it went well and I enjoyed it. I was surprised how much I liked performing again and so there may well be more on the reading front in coming months.

It was great to catch up with old friends, make a few new ones and have a bit of head space to think about things. I think the committee and red shirts should be very proud for a friendly, well thought out convention.

* I remain in two minds about discussing my own experiences.

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