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Look what G did…

After month’s of threatening to start her own website G has finally gone and done it. You can check out some of her work here: http://www.gmorgan-photography.co.uk. Things are starting to pick up and she’ll be shooting a friend’s wedding in a few weeks. Incidentally, you’ve all been looking at some of her work without realising it, the masthead above was taken by G a couple of years ago. It shows the river near my parent’s house just as the first (OK – the only snow) was melting.

This weekend was really quite good but then it always was going to be after Friday. The sun came out to play and I had a very productive weekend cranking out a chapter and a half of rewrites on Forever, hell I even managed to get some done before work this morning.

Anyway, Forever is going OK although I’m finding it hard to judge how much more research to do and so I hope the historical bits ring true. I blew up a fairly famous landmark yesterday, fictionally speaking of course but I think I put the pedestrian crossing in the wrong place and so I may have to rejig that. It’s kind of pivotal…where the crossing is…oh I know you’re not that interested. Let’s move on.

Bookrater has another review up if you haven’t checked it out already you can see my opinion of Malcolm Pryce’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being in Aberystwyth. I’m slowly cranking out content there but I’d like to make the site more interesting in the coming months, these things always take longer than expected and so I’m not going to commit to a deadline as such. More on that later in the week.

Plans for this week include writing, writing, writing. Shocking I know, but I’ll be home alone this weekend and it’s a good opportunity to get as far into the second draft as I can before the Neil Gaiman event on the 24th October. My sister is coming down for that one and so a weekend perusing bookshops whilst quaffing over-priced, chocolate infused coffee seems to be in order.

That’s all for now.

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