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The week that was: In which things change and stay the same

Horribly late with this.


I don’t know what happened. This week (meaning last week) went with a whirlwind because of course the piece of information I alluded to in my last one of these was that I had gotten engaged. Therefore, nearly every night was spent in the process of telling various people so they found out in person rather than via the medium of this blog. Which means most of you already know this. So I’ll shut up. There was some wittering about a nice but rather uninspiring northern lass and her loutish husband but I really couldn’t care less.


Still trying to get to grips with Buzz.

Results announced in the press and to the market; it will be interesting to see what that means over the next few weeks.

Possibly the wrong sort of interesting.


Way behind here. Finished Aliette’s book Servant of the Underworld and have started a thriller set around the time of Dickens death by Matthew Pearl. Slow going on my part due to being wiped out mid week by a migraine. Boo. Hiss.


Didn’t suffer as much as the reading. I am still working on the TSG ending but am in full rewrite mode now. I think if I can clear a weekend that I will be able to finish, line edit and move onto something else by mid March. A bit later than I hoped but still respectable.


Bah. The weekend’s travels before hand, the migraine mid week and general feeling like I’d been hit by a truck meant not much happened here and I put some weight back on. However, going back to basics I have figured out a few areas that I was cutting corners on that won’t have helped. Hoping this week goes better (it is so far).

That’s it folks. Should have more interesting fare this Sunday.

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