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Thursday Tabs

Right: on to more cheery things. Some tabs need closing:

Today is, at least for a couple more hours, Support Our ‘Zines day. I personally read across quite a few magazines and constant readers will know I’ve a particular affection for Interzone, Black Static and Murky Depths. Yes: I’m being quite British in my choices. For balance I also enjoy Strange Horizons, Fantasy Magazine and Weird Tales.

Have a poke around, donate, show your support. Tell me your favourites…


Today is also the Angry Robot launch of Colin Harvey’s new novel Winter Song. Winter Song is Colin’s first book with the Harpercollins’ imprint SF Angry Robot and, having heard the opening last weekend, I shall be picking up a copy at Forbidden Planet on the 10th (Angry Robots’ launch BTW). Colin’s a talented writer and a passionate participant in the SF scene. He’s also a nice guy who was willing to take time out to talk to a very shy writer at his second con.

Check Winter Song out.


Music fans should check out Neon Highwire. A friend is a member, G occasionally takes pictures of them but most importantly of all: they’re really rather good. Don’t believe me: take Abbi’s word (a much harder critic than me).


Now I must sleep.

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