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Friday Flash Fiction: Quantum Cigars

Here goes. Feedback is welcome. Quantum Cigars By Neil Beynon There was no sound. This was marginally disappointing but not unexpected. Simply changing the quantum frequency to allow his enhanced eyes a view of the multiverse was difficult enough; the power required astonishing. The artificial star he was using to […]

Friday Flash Fiction: Territory

As long as I’ve been doing the Friday Flash G has been asking me to write a specific type of story. On weeks where I find myself clawing for ideas the answer from her is often: do that one I want you to do…or words to that effect. And so finally I have.

This week’s story was written for G – belatedly – for the occasion of her birthday.

Feel free to provide feedback in the comments.

By Neil Beynon

Friday Flash Fiction: Faraway

Feedback as ever appreciated. Here goes: Faraway By Neil Beynon The tree still stands. That’s something. That’s what she tries to tell herself as a cold breeze sends her hands to her elbows in search of warmth. Her bag lies discarded by her side, a faded red cross hanging on […]

Friday Flash Fiction: Burned

If you missed last week’s flash, it can be found here.This week’s piece was written at Eastercon for the Friday Flash Fiction workshop we ran to launch Illuminations. Not one to ask others to do what we would not, each of us wrote a story whilst the attendees crafted their […]

Friday Flash Fiction: Crushed

Due to a very manic week I don’t have a proper entry – although this may change during the workshop tomorrow – and so I’m posting a little bit of back story to The Woodsman that has most likely been dropped for pace reasons. Hopefully it’s enjoyable. If you missed […]