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Today we went to the Dickens World exhibition in Chatham.

Yes I am wild, feral even.

I had high hopes, media coverage had been positive, I like Dickens, I know less about him than I’d like and hell there was hope of hilarious hi-jinks that I might write about here. Also posters hinted at Buxom Wenches.

Things Did Not Go According To Plan.

The exhibition is nice, good even, if you have kids, a day out however it is not, we covered the whole thing in under three hours. Therein lies my major objection: not big enough and in Chatham. Chatham is a small dockyard town: there is not much to do.

There were no Buxom Wenches. Other than G. She told me to say that. Honest.

Still I bought some mead. That I’m sipping now. Feeling cultured. Ish.

So we left Dickens world with a vague sense of disappointment but having had an alright kind of morning. Vaguely perturbed we decided to lunch, food being my answer to pretty much all life’s problems (the other answers are not suitable for here – my mum reads this, occasionally).

An Odeon had been fortuitously left, or carelessly depending on your point of view, next to the exhibition and so we decided to peruse another film. I was in no way influenced by the chance to see The Transformers trailer again, oh no.

I’m not going to talk about Pirates of the Caribbean (our film of choice), you can read about it on Abbi’s blog: here as she saw it first and pretty much sums it up.

A nice day, not a wild one, nor a funny one, but a nice one.

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