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I had my best celebrity spot for quite a while the other night.

I was wandering home, slightly worse for wear, when I saw Ronnie Wood, also slight worse for wear, getting into a car with a girl who looked so small I fear she might get broken getting into the back of the car. He’s not much bigger, to be fair.

It got me thinking because – as a Rolling Stone – he looked incredibly familiar, like someone I knew and not the actual complete stranger he is in reality. Now, living in London, I see a quite a few celebrities wandering around and while you can usually recognise them they quite often don’t look quite the same as they do on television or in the press. Not so with Ronnie, he looked like he could have stepped right out of the television.

Is this the preservative properties of alcohol? Of a job he clearly loves? Or just the sheer prevalence of the Stones in our culture?

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