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State of the writer: Juggling

This week has been a busy one.

While it does feel a little like juggling, it is great to have a couple of things on the go and be able to switch between the two when I hit a wall on the other. The focus of a hard deadline really helps.

Progress on All That Glitters continues at a steady rate. The first act is just about in the bag at this point and so I’m about to take a pause and give it a once over pass. Again this isn’t something I’ve done before but is part of trying to be a bit more circumspect on first drafts in order to prevent endless redrafting…


That segues nicely into The Scarred God. Last week was about rereading the last draft to check my list of Things To Fix was still valid and start building a new outline that would tidy up the ending which is one of the last draft’s Glaring Issues.

It’s difficult reading back over something written some time ago: I’ve gotten a lot better since, there were some structural experiments that just don’t work and some lazy story elements that I’m determined to twist into something better. It’s heartening to be able to see the problems now as I can fix them but I feel a little let down by myself for not leaving it in a better state to begin with. It also underscores the need to have a firmer grasp on the story before drafting.

Lots to do.

Mood: determined not to drop the balls.


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