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Bendy Time

Time is not linear, it’s a bendy, twisty, scraggly ball of string type thingy or so Whovians will expound at length given half a chance. However, I am convinced there is some truth in this. How else to explain the loss of three days as if by magic?

Christmas Day was a rather enjoyable mashup of family, food, tv and drink, all sprinkled with a light dusting of reading. Before long Boxing Day swung by and somehow I managed to shoehorn in some flash fiction before going to the football with my brother and dad – it was very cold in the Liberty stadium but good to spend time with them. From there a mad dash back to my parents house for the traditional boxing day party with our wider family. A few people couldn’t make it due to illness but my sister, E, still managed to put in an experience via satellite linkup skype much to my six month old niece’s amusement. And of course there was another infamous turn by my mum and aunts.

Of this I will NOT speak. Save to direct your attention to last year’s description and to point out there were silver shoulder pads this year. Rumour has it there is video evidence but I fear my life were it to make it’s way onto here. You do not mess with the power of the three. Not ever.

Today I made the somewhat foolish decisiont to go to Cardiff  and spend some of my Christmas money. There is a nasty lie being spread around that this was in fact due to my splitting my jeans but you shouldn’t believe everything your told, I went hunting books, I just happened to pass Debenhams on the way. Anyway, I added to the collection of books I was kindly given for Christmas (Swiftly [Roberts], Interworld [Gaiman/Reaves], High cost of Living [Gaiman], Saturn’s Children [Stross]) by purchasing both volumes of The Book of All Hours [Duncan] and Natural History [Robson]. I dragged my youngest sister along with me and G joined us later for a Neverwhere (TV Series) binge and now there’s only twelve minutes of Saturday left.

The biggest shock was realising that somehow I’d managed to bend the memory of seeing Neverwhere for the first time back to either ’94 or ’91 when in fact it was 1996. It took me most of the evening trying to unpick how and why I’d managed to do this but I managed it in the end. But still…memory’s a funny thing. Even thought the series is let down by the video format it was shot on I still enjoyed it. Tomorrow we’re off to see friends but I’m hoping to squeeze in some work on Forever before we go.

Time flies when you’re having fun, it also bends, tangles and bleeds into memories.

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