Purveyor of Tall Tales.
Purveyor of Tall Tales.

The Best of Friday Flash Fiction 2008

As promised, this is the 2008 round up of my Friday Flash Fiction.

I thought about doing it by traffic but – if you cast your eyes to the right – I already run a “Top Ten by Traffic” and I’ve just updated it (probably the last time until the new year). Admittedly this includes 2007 stories but I’ve produced more flash this year than last and so the list wouldn’t be all that different. Of more interest, and hopefully offering them a second outing traffic wise, I thought would be a list of my favourites. So here goes:

1.Remembering Lisa – 28/11/2008
2.Touched – 30/05/2008
3.Descent – 27/06/2008
4.When – 10/10/2008
5.Talking Apes – 1/08/2008
6.Silverlight – 31/10/2008
7.Territory – 18/04/2008
8.Faraway – 04/04/2008
9.Pixies – 11/04/2008
10.After The Rain – 08/02/2008

There were a few others that I pondered putting in, namely: Avan, Blink and Blood and Snow. You can check out GLP’s pick for his own F3 here and Shaun C. Green’s pick for his own F3 here.

So did you have any favourites that didn’t make it onto my list?

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