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Thumbs up

The Scarred God has now been read by two of my three test readers and the feedback is positive.

I’ve got a bunch of inevitable corrections to do and I’m not sure it’s standing out enough from the genre that the idea germinated from, I was keen to try and move it on a little. So: a bit of tinkering still needed to iron out the creases and then…well that’s a good question.

I was asked, on the Arvon course I attended, what the novel was about and I have to say I pretty much fluffed the answer as well as talking down the story. This kind of thing is inevitable as I had just finished a lengthy six month rewrite and frankly didn’t want to see the thing again as long as I lived. However during the line edit I realised that I produced a perfectly readable novel that whilst perhaps not going as far as I would like certainly hits the mark in terms of the genre.

My plan – if it can be called that – was to use The Scarred God as a learning experience and then finish the other novel I have kicking around my hard drive (Forever – currently waiting a 2nd draft). Forever would be the manuscript I would use to try to secure an agent. Now I’m not so sure sticking The Scarred God on the shelf is a good idea. Maybe I need more test readers – for example no male readers have taken a look at it yet. Maybe I should give one of the peer review alternatives to the slush pile like Authonomy.

Decisions eh?

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