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House of the mouse

I discovered today that we’ve had a visitor in the night.

I came downstairs to make my tea and discovered that something had nibbled all the way through part of our tortilla wraps, packaging and all. I hope this was a passing visit as I can’t find any marks or areas where the mouse would be obviously nesting but of course it’s a very old house (104 years) and there are plenty of places to hide. Also, there are mouse droppings all over the kitchen. This means everything – plates, pots and surfaces – need disinfecting.

I’m not wild about rodents. I had a rather unpleasant run in with a rat when I was quite young and it kind of stuck with me. Although I’m nowhere near as bad as I once I have made several circuits of the house, torch in one hand and hammer in the other, I’m sooo manly. Naturally, I found nothing. After we’ve cleaned up and made sure we’ve moved all the foodstuffs to a safe area we’ll need to see if it was just an opportune grab or something more permanent in nature. It’s all a bit of a pain.

Anyone know where you can get traps (humane or otherwise)?

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