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I have spent the weekend doing this:


The scars you see above are from the rewire and central heating installation we did over the last two years, basically we have been existing on half a kitchen. I don’t know how we coped, sometimes we didn’t. Things went smoothly for about five minutes, until we got to here:


Yes: the pipe work is threaded through the worktop. I power-sawed the way through most of the work surface and we are very carefully using a manual saw on the rest. This is a long task. We decided to shift focus to the sink, because that would be easier, right?


Anyway, we got there in the end and G, it turns out, probably has a career as a plumber if she ever feels the urge to pick up a wrench.


It’s been hard but it does feel a bit like we’ve reached a tipping point if only in the sense that we are now full committed to putting the new one in. That’s how I’m spending next weekend.

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