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kipper slapping

Today the inevitable happened: a colleague found my blog on google. I am not of course refering to any of my close work friends such as Abbi (a very talented blogger but also a colleague) but rather someone who knows me pretty much as that-bloke-what-does-email-and-keeps-banging-on-about-analytics-with-mad-hair.

I work in online, googling colleagues names is a regular past-time and spending large amounts of time online is common place. In short I knew this would happen at some point and so, I imagined, I would respond coolly; it would be no big deal. However I did expect some warning such as the work IP turning up on my stats when I know I wasn’t logged in or a traffic spike as the inevitable email did the rounds.

I have come to realise that I do not do cool, I do rabbit in headlights.

I looked, I’m sure, like someone who has just been slapped with a kipper. I didn’t even manage to ask if he enjoyed it. To make matters worse the MD was in the lift with us at the time, that little grey cell was suddenly a very small place. I was at least able to salvage some pride by pointing out I was ranking number 1 for my name in google.

Of course there is an outside chance that I managed to act cool except of course that I have just blogged about it. Damn, foiled again.

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