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Farewell DC, it’s been fun

My time in Washington is coming to an end; all that is left now is for me to skidaddle over to the airport to abuse the duty free and overpriced coffee. If I’m feeling flush I may purchase Joe Hill‘s new collection a few days earlier than its release in the UK; if you’re wise you’ll buy it as well.

That’s an honest recommendation – I don’t know him personally (not that it would matter I only recommend what I like) – I’m just a reader that rates him. He’s awfully good. He’s going to be awfully big.

Washington has been lovely: the hotel was great, the people friendly (I can’t quite get used to the level of politeness vs London) and the weather has been up in the peachy eighties. All this is good but it does leave me a little wistful as I haven’t really been able to enjoy it because I’ve been so bloody ill – as I type this I am coughing like Doc Holiday in a Talc factory.

Still mustn’t grumble.

The conference was really interesting but if I go into too much detail I suspect I’ll lose half my audience as this is not a web analytics blog, that’s what Avinash is for. (Avinash has tons of experience in analytics and is/was the Analytics evangelist for Google, after years as a practitioner he is now a consultant in addition to being considered an industry wide expert. I’ve heard him speak numerous times now. He’s good. He’s very good. Well worth a look if you like that sort of thing.)

There have been some scarily intelligent people at this thing all of whom have been really interesting to talk to even though all I could really manage – I lost my voice – was a polite nod.

I didn’t really get much of a chance to write other than the blog but I have a lot of time to kill in the airport so who knows – maybe inspiration will strike. When it’s on I can write anywhere – I wrote a poem and two Flash pieces whilst the whole toilet debacle was going on, but when I’m blocked I’m blocked.

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