Can you see the joins?

A quick note.

Yesterday was spent in Camden, a place I haven’t been to in ages and we are talking years not months. I can’t really understand why as I really like the market a lot and when the sun is out the canal is a great place to walk along. Or – as I used to do – cycle.

I was in Camden for “No Barcodes” a small event set up by London Undergound Comics and featuring, amongst others, my friend Zarina‘s  work. Murky Depths were also there and I continued what is fast becoming a tradition of missing Terry (the editor) whom I keep meaning to pop over to say hello to. Ah well, I’m sure it’ll happen eventually. Later on we wandered off to the cinema – you would not win any money for guessing a film review will feature at some point this week.

Today has been spent working on The Woodsman (almost certainly due to undergo yet another title change on completion). I’m pleased to report I’m a little closer to being on track to finish on time having completed the rewrite of the second act and brought my characters back to the correct place. It remains to be seen whether the structural work is as seamless as I hope it is, I’ve written the thing over such a lengthy time period I am concerned the prose is of varying standards. I like to think I’m much improved on when I started this one.

And that’s it. I have to get back to it or I’ll just slip back behind again.

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