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And so it begins

Well I started. Finally.

What, you ask, am I talking about? I am of course referring to National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo and after spending the first three days sat on my arse doing very little save wiping my leaking nose along with a fair bit of feeling sorry for myself I have finally begun work.

I began with the bold, and some would stay stupid, decision to shelve my original idea for NaNoWriMo on the grounds that involved a fair bit of historical research that I had failed to do in October, work getting in the way. It’s still a good idea but a bad first draft can kill an idea for me and so I’m penciling that in for early next year.

I then needed another idea, one that in essence I could run with on a minimum of research and that led me inexorably back to a project I abandoned some time ago. I have two novel ideas that have never really made it beyond the scraps of a legal pad, one from when I was fifteen and the other from when I first moved back to London. My NaNoWriMo project is the latter and carries (at present it may well change) the title Legend of the Slayer. And no before you ask it has nothing to do with Buffy, there is not a vampire in sight.

Anyway today has been spent on the story design, world creation and sketching out the character notes. A quicker process than normal as in essence that was as far as I got last time before I let myself get disheartened by discovering a similar conceit in a then newly released novel. I’ve come up with a new conceit that is different enough to distinguish my novel from this other work without destroying my original idea.

I may be slow out of the gates but in my defence I do have my main holiday coming up including a thirteen hour flight each way and a couple of days with nothing to do while G finishes off her business trip. I think at the moment I’ll be OK. Although I’d be lying if I wasn’t looking on other participants such as Strugglingwriter with awe and a vague sense that I am far too skilled in the art of procrastination.

You can check out my blurb for Legend of the Slayer here. I’m off now to have some dinner before returning to work. Ta Ta for now.


Actually my dinner was ready before I could post this and frankly it was bangers’n’mash cooked by my own fair hand. Basically I couldn’t wait. Bangers’n’mash are the best.


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