Beer and Tabs

Not much from me over the weekend other than tweets.

The reason of course was I went and did actual sociable things, for this weekend saw the launch of fellow F3er Gareth L Powell’s short story collection: The Last Reef and other stories. In addition to Gareth’s book the event also saw the launch of Chris Beckett’s collection The Turing Test. You can read about the event on GLP’s blog here.

It was great to have so many of the fictioneers together in one place again. Beer was drunk and many laughs were had. We really must do it again, soon.

If you’re a fan of character driven SF or just bloody good writing you should check out The Last Reef, you won’t be sorry. You can buy it here.

Some tabs of stuff I keep meaning to blog about:


I saw this article from The Guardian on the use of genetics to trace at what point Neanderthals broke off from our ancestors and thought it was interesting.


Most people who read this blog probably caught this already on Neil G’s blog but for those few (family and the odd colleague) here’s Amanda Palmer (the singer not the person I went to school with) performing Neil’s song I Google You. SEO by song: it’s clearly the way forward.



The hugo results are in and you can check out the results over at Futurismic, congratulations to the winners. While you’re over there check out Alex Wilson’s short story Dry Frugal with Death Ray – ’tis very good and very dark. As you may have noticed I like dark.


That’s it for now. I must return to line editing and making tea for the strange men who are performing the miracle of the Laying of The Carpet overhead. Laters.

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