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OK. Day eight of the whole blog-a-day experiment and I’m officially struggling.

Somewhere along the line there’ll be a review of Hellboy 2 coming and I have a couple of other ideas but this week has been body-readjusting-to-less-sleep time. I’m a shadow of my former self. Metaphorically speaking. In reality I’m quite a bit larger than I was pre-December – note to self: exercise.

Anyway, I thought I’d talk about Forever. Small topic…kidding…constant readers will now I am talking about the current novel length project. I haven’t done much on it this week because I hit a problem and I wasn’t sure what it was or indeed how to fix it. I think I’m there now having decided I’ve brought in several characters far too early and that another character’s role needs a bigger push. There’s a bunch of other changes I’ve scribbled down but I can now see a way forward.

Plus: I booked the hotel for the research trip. Yes, I will be going on my first trip utilising the basic if flimsy excuse that I’ve included a few locations in the story. I still need to come up with viable way of faking knowledge of Nagasaki though. My budget won’t stretch that far.

On the short story front I’ve still got inventory doing the rounds and I’ve been working on a couple more while I mull over the details on Forever. It sounds like I’ve done more than I have despite me getting in front of the keyboard every morning. Now I’m knackered and running out of things to say.

See you tomorrow when I will hopefully have interesting stuff to blog. In the meantime: tell me what you’ve been up to?

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